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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject RE: --package switch for Wsdl2java
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 16:20:06 GMT

Looking back in the archives, it appears that this was discussed previously
and a vote was taken to remove --package.  A majority voted to remove it,
but notably, Tom voted "-1" but it was removed anyway.

Now Tom is looking to return the favor.  Over Russell's "-1", add the
option back in.

Whee!  This is fun.  Not.

 = = = =

My opinions:

(1) If other vendors (and Tom cites GLUE, Silverstream and an unspecified
"others") see a value in this switch, then this is an indication that there
is a demand for this function.

(2) If all this function does is something that can be done anyway with the
-NStoPkg swich, then I find it hard to understand how this is inconsistent
with anything (unless, of course,  -NStoPkg is inconsitent).  I certainly
hope that there isn't plans to eliminate the possibility of specific
namespaces being synonmys, as this is a valuable function, IMHO.

(3) Independent of how this was specified, if the generator can generate
code that doesn't compile, then it should be treated as an bug in the
generator (again, IMHO).  This would include collisions due to the mapping.

 = = = = =

Summary: my vote would be that if a --package option exists, it should be
strictly a shorthand for something that is supported by the more general
option.  And if this causes any problems, then those problems should be
resolved by addressing the root cause.

- Sam Ruby

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