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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: WASP & Axis
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 13:44:37 GMT
Radovan Janecek wrote:
> timeframe:
> ----------
> I know that it is not easy to make a guess without seeing the code. On the
> other hand, there is a lot of WASP documentation: architectural concepts,
> open APIs, etc. My knowledge of Axis is also based on playing with the
> demos, using the API rather than digging in the code itself.

So I can't look at WASP code, and you haven't looked at Axis code.  An
inauspicious beginning...

> cooperation:
> ------------
> If I understand you correctly, you basically agree with the idea of
> standalone Apache WASP project (any Axis dependence). And later on,
> establishing new soap project (probably from the scratch) that will use the
> best from both projects...

That was the initial position.  Based on the feedback from the PMC and others on the general
list, a separate project is not a viable possibility at
this time.  Generally, everybody wants to see us try harder to work together.

> name of the new project:
> -------------------------
> I have no problems with the Axis name for the future project. I like it. I
> have also an experience with changing the name - you probably remember the
> IdooXoap product. :-)


> I just didn't want to dump our code to Apache cvs and call it Axis-wasp (or
> any similar) because it would be misleading.

Unfortunately, that is the proposal.  Either within the xml-axis cvs (as a
proposal/wasp, perhaps), or as an xml-axis-wasp cvs.  The feeling is that
it would be too confusing any other way.

> WASP for C++:
> -----------------
> It is written in very portable way. In fact, it uses only classes from C++.
> No templates, no exceptions, etc. Sources for the older (IdooXoap-like
> version) are available on our website. Sources for the new (WASP-like)
> version will be available soon. We have lot of C++ users and I'm pretty sure
> that C++ version is even better Apache candidate than the Java one.

If you notice, the top directory in Axis is /java.  There is no reason that
a second directory could not be created immediately.

> my summary:
> -------------
> I think that the ideal case would be
> 1) Establishing separated CVS for Apache WASP (or module, or whatever - I
> don't know Apache processes).

Let's do #2 and #3 below and then revist this.

> 2) We will start with opensourcing WASP C++ because there is nothing similar
> on Apache yet. Doing this, we will learn the formal and informal community
> processes, etc.


> 3) We will further discuss and plan with the Axis team possible cooperation
> on the Java side. We will dump WASP for Java to the cvs at some point and
> continue with the development. It cannot be done immediately, since the code
> requires some adjustments before it is opensourced.


> 4) When we all decide to start 'Axis 3', Java WASP will switch to
> maintenance mode only and all the effort will be focused on 'Axis 3' only.

This need not be a binary switch.  As an example, because Xerces 2 was
still maturing at the time, schema support was added to Xerces 1 before
Xerces 2.  What is important is that there was no attempt to add function
merely to Xerces 1 and not participate in the rolling up of this function
into Xerces 2.

> 5) The question is whether WASP C++ will be also called Axis 3 then. Likely
> yes.

If we get started soon enough, then perhaps the first release of Axis can
be released with both a C++ and Java versions.  Based on the plan above, it
appears that the Java version contained in this first release would be on
the community developed code base, but subsequent releases may include the
Idoox/SystInet/WASP either in whatever way makes sense (everything from
code reuse to complete rebasing, depending on how things go).

There are also other questions in my mind, but maybe it is enough for now.
I'd like to hear your and other Axis developers opinions on this. I can
easily imagine that Axis developers won't be happy with starting new 'Axis
3' project in the near future just because Systinet offers its framework to
Apache. :-)

- Sam Ruby

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