I hate to be annoying in any way, but could someone take a look at the fixes I have proposed yesterday.
I'm trying to make use of Axis in a nice way, without usual for the open source projects replication of code/efforts on the application side. I hope that others can benefit as well from what I do to the Axis code.

As all of us, I obviously have very limited time to spend on things like these, so my objective is to get the fixes in before the Axis nightly build. That way I can be in sync with what other people are doing and not have to provide a separate build. It really helps.

Sam, Glen, I really apreciate your prompt reaction to my previous fixes. Could you possibly take a look at these too. Thanks.

<<[FIX]: WSDDService/WSDDDeployableItem.makeNewInstance do not name the service instance>> <<[FIX]: SimpleDeploymentManager.removeDeployedItem and undeployHan dler>> <<[PROPOSAL]: Correlation between Handlers and the Regsitry>>

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