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From "Pae Choi" <>
Subject [AXIS alpha3] Directory Hierarchy, e.g., lib.
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:02:19 GMT
I am just about to playing with AXIS alpha3 and I have found
a nonsense in the directory hierarchy and the same nonsense
in the document, "index.html" under the directory,
<AXIS_HOME>{'/' | '\'}docs, as well.

First, there are two "lib" directories under the directories as

  <AXIS_HOME>{'/' | '\'}
  <AXIS_HOME>{'/' | '\'}webapps{'/' | '\'}axis{'/' | '\'}WEB-INF

And both of them contain the same 4 JARs such as  "axis.jar",
"clutil.jar", "log4j-core.jar", and" wsdl4j.jar". The Servlet spec
v2.2 does not stopping you place those common packages
under the WEB-INF{'/' | '\'}lib though, it is a common practice
we do not place those under the same WEB-INF{'/' | '\'}lib
direcotry. If someone and/or orgs are doing that, they are not
thinking efficiently for sure.

Second, under the section, Step 2: installing the dependencies, it
says that

"In the WEB-INF directory, you'll find a "lib" directory.  

 In this directory, copy the jars associated with the JAXP 1.1
 XML compliant parser of your choice.  This generally means
 either the xerces.jar from the xml-xerces distribution, or the
 crimson.jar and jaxp.jar from the JAXP 1.1 reference implementation."
Here, I am going to give you a real-life scenario. Say we have
to create more than one AXIS context, e.g., AXIS1 and AXIS2,
and managed by the Servelt container. We have to place the
JAXP v1.1 compliant parser under the "lib" in each context, e.g.,

  AXIS1{'/' | '\'}\WEB-INF\lib
  AXIS2{'/' | '\'}\WEB-INF\lib

I know that we can make a symbolic link to a common place in
UNIX, but the same is not true in WIN32. Wouldn't it make sense
if we place all those common package JARs under the "lib" in the
<AXIS_HOME> so making them available to all AXIS applications
in different AXIS contexts, e.g., TC pattern for this situation.
And keeping the application specific ones in the either classes
or lib directory under the WEB-INF. Nothing stopping if someone
prefer to place them in the both directories though.

Please clarfy whether the documentation is mis-guiding that results
by creating the duplications in each context or this is a way it is
and will be as is now.


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