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From "James Yegerlehner" <>
Subject Re: Philosophical question about WSDL and web service frameworks
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 22:14:02 GMT

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From: "R J Scheuerle Jr" <>
> As was pointed out in another reply, the xsd:choice group is not supported
> yet.  If you would like to supply me with a reasonable
> mapping between xsd:choice and java,
>  I may be able to make this change in
> the emitters (and influence JSR-101).

Please see my post prior for my proposed solution for the xsd:choice->java

With regard to influencing JSR-101 I have a question. If you recall my
earlier post, I had a broader point as follows. Unless the WSDL-to-java
mapping tools can accomodate any valid schema, people will be unable to use
them to create web services that exploit the types defined in the many
domain-specific markup languages. xCBL is an example of one.

JSR-101 section 4.2 specifies mappings for a handful of XML schema
constructs, but requires nothing for many others. If one were to merely
amend JAX-RPC to specify an "xsd:choice" to java mapping, and ignore the
other missing schema constructs I think one would achieve very little.  I've
been working on a list of these that I think would need to be specified in
JSR-101 4.2. If I were to provide the list, is there a plausible prospect of
JAX-RPC being ammended to provide mappings for them? Or do you think that
would be such an expansion of scope that it would be rejected.?

James Yegerlehner
Omniopera: XML Schema and WSDL Authoring Software

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