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From "James Yegerlehner" <>
Subject Philosophical question about WSDL and web service frameworks
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 01:12:20 GMT
Hello all:

Specialized markup languages are proliferating. Each such language defines
types particular to some problem domain. For example, the xCBL schemas
( define schemas for types related to business transactions:
invoice, product catalog, order, etc are all defined by xCBL.

The complementary nature of these schemas to WSDL is obvious: WSDL specifies
the type of each message part using a type or element in an XML schema. One
must expect that developers of web services will wish to use the types
defined by schema relevant to their problem domain. The natural way to
proceed is to 1. create a WSDL document defining the web service interface
and incorporating these domain-specific schema, and 2. generate the web
service skeleton automatically from the WSDL.

I think the authors of most of the web service frameworks realize that this
is desirable, because they have utilities that allow creation of classes
from WSDL.  But we haven't found a single one that can successfully create a
skeleton if the web service includes an instance of the xCBL:Order and
xCBL:OrderResponse types. There's nothing special about Order and
OrderResponse except that these just happen to be the two we chose for the
our test case.

So my questions are: is it desirable that a service skeleton generator
(WSDL2Java in the case of Axis) should be able to map WSDL that may contain
_any_ valid schema? It seems so to me but I don't hear anyone else talking
about this. Is it feasible? Do the current contributors to WSDL2Java have
any plans in this direction?

BTW I'm not complaining about Axis. I understand that it's open source and
if I want certain functionality I should be willing to contribute it.

James Yegerlehner
Omniopera: XML Schema and WSDL Authoring Software

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