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From Cédric Chabanois <>
Subject some questions concerning Axis
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 10:06:43 GMT

I have some questions concerning Axis :

1) In xml/rpc/holders, I see the following class : ByteArrayHolder
I suppose this class is when an in/out array of bytes is needed as
In this case why are there no IntArrayHolder or StringArrayHolder ?

2) in the same package, there are holders for Byte, Double classes etc
(respectively ByteClassHolder, DoubleClassHolder ...)
I suppose these classes are needed when a web service method takes an in/out
parameter of type Byte.
But I don't understand why it is really necessary. Why not use ByteHolder ?

3) This is a question I already asked but I got no response yet :

There is something I don't understand concerning custom Serialization.
If I need to use an object that is not a bean as a parameter to a method of
my web service, I need to do the following :
- create a serializer
- create a deserializer
- declare them in the wsdd (with typeMapping)

But I don't know what to do concerning generation of the WSDL. What will be
generated when the user will try to use ?wsdl with my webservice ?

Cédric Chabanois

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