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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject RE: Philosophical question about WSDL and web service frameworks
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 08:44:18 GMT

I took a look at the xCBL order.xsd schema. One problem that I see is that
it includes the <xsd:choice> element. Hence Systinet WASP doesn't support
this schema. Although Systinet WASP support almost all of XML Schema, we
haven't figured out how to map a <choice> element to a Java object. Perhaps
someone has some ideas on how this can be done?

Anne Thomas Manes
CTO, Systinet

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> From: James Yegerlehner []
> Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2002 5:12 PM
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> Subject: Philosophical question about WSDL and web service frameworks
> Hello all:
> Specialized markup languages are proliferating. Each such language defines
> types particular to some problem domain. For example, the xCBL schemas
> ( define schemas for types related to business transactions:
> invoice, product catalog, order, etc are all defined by xCBL.
> The complementary nature of these schemas to WSDL is obvious:
> WSDL specifies
> the type of each message part using a type or element in an XML
> schema. One
> must expect that developers of web services will wish to use the types
> defined by schema relevant to their problem domain. The natural way to
> proceed is to 1. create a WSDL document defining the web service interface
> and incorporating these domain-specific schema, and 2. generate the web
> service skeleton automatically from the WSDL.
> I think the authors of most of the web service frameworks realize
> that this
> is desirable, because they have utilities that allow creation of classes
> from WSDL.  But we haven't found a single one that can
> successfully create a
> skeleton if the web service includes an instance of the xCBL:Order and
> xCBL:OrderResponse types. There's nothing special about Order and
> OrderResponse except that these just happen to be the two we chose for the
> our test case.
> So my questions are: is it desirable that a service skeleton generator
> (WSDL2Java in the case of Axis) should be able to map WSDL that
> may contain
> _any_ valid schema? It seems so to me but I don't hear anyone else talking
> about this. Is it feasible? Do the current contributors to WSDL2Java have
> any plans in this direction?
> BTW I'm not complaining about Axis. I understand that it's open source and
> if I want certain functionality I should be willing to contribute it.
> Regards,
> ------------
> James Yegerlehner
> Omniopera: XML Schema and WSDL Authoring Software

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