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From "Paul Mietz Egli" <>
Subject Re: serialization bug in ArraySerializer (repost from axis-user)
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:48:29 GMT

I'm a couple days wiser now in the ways of type mapping in Axis,
so I thought I'd post the answer to my own question in case someone
else runs into the same problem.

Quick recap:  my service class has functions which take as parameters
and return arrays of java.util.Map.  Client calls to these functions
resulted in null pointer exceptions on the server in alpha-3 and nightly
builds between 1/26 and 1/30.

The solution:  add the following to the service deployment descriptor:


Note that these factory packages will work with 1/30 builds or later;
if you're still using alpha-3, use "org.apache.axis.encoding".

I'm still of the opinion that I shouldn't need to specify the serializer
for Map when Hashtable and HashMap are intriniscally supported.  This
is more of a quibble than a serious problem, though.


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