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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/test/wsdl/types ComprehensiveTypes.wsdl
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 12:59:33 GMT
I've seen changes like this go in before that seemed to cause a period
of great instability in the code - even though the tests passed.  I'm just
trying to avoid having large changes go in that don't seem to have the
the advertised benefit but could make us unstable for a while - and then
of course make us go through it again when the "real" change is finally
put in.  Since they've chosen to have a separate branch (which probably
should not have happened in the first place) then I would prefer to only
go through the pain once instead of twice.

Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS on 01/28/2002 07:42:56 AM

Please respond to

Subject:    Re: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/test/wsdl/types

Doug Davis wrote:
> I would suggest that you *not* merge in these changes until
> this is resolved.  One of the main reasons for doing this was
> to remove WSDD from the "core" and it seems like we're not
> there yet.

My two cents:

The question shouldn't be: is it 100% done yet?  The question should be: is
it moving in the right direction?  If not, the branch should be abandoned.
If so, then the branch should be merged as soon as is practical.

More to the point: is WSDD part of the "core" in the HEAD branch?  Arguing
not to merge simply because the branch doesn't do something that the head
doesn't either doesn't make sense to me.

- Sam Ruby

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