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From "Greg Truty" <>
Subject Re: .jws files and generated WSDL
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 23:03:20 GMT
Yes, I think it would be good.  We have already seen cases in the EJB case
where it's useful to filter out some things in the javaToWsdl emitter.


                      Tom Jordahl                                                        
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                                               Subject:  .jws files and generated WSDL   
                      01/10/2002 04:34                                                   
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If you look at the WSDL generated by a .jws file, the names of the binding
and service have .jws in them.

This gets handled OK by WSDL2Java, but it looks a little funny:

+ <wsdl:portType name="Calculator">
+ <wsdl:binding name="Calculator.jwsSoapBinding" type="intf:Calculator">
+ <wsdl:service name="Calculator.jwsService">

These get translated to the class names 'CalculatorJwsSoapBinding' and

Does anyone think its a good idea to filter out the ".jws" in the WSDL

Tom Jordahl
Macromedia Server Development

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