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From "Glyn Normington" <>
Subject RE: Architecture guide : comments
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 17:40:10 GMT

Eoin Lane wrote:

>I would like to see a clarification, maybe in term of a class diagram,
>to explain the complex polymorphic behavior between Handlers, Chains,
>Target Handlers, etc. I have a first draft of one, which I developed
>when I was trying to understand the relationship myself, and would
>be glad to forward it on to you.

I've added a class diagram, but please send me yours if you think mine is missing something.

>I think it would also be beneficial to show some very simple sequence
>diagrams detailing the message flow, on the server, from the Transport
>Listener though to the Axis Engine and on through the various Handlers,
>Chains, and pivot. This could also be possible from a client view.

Thanks for this suggestion. I've added a client side sequence diagram but
it won't show up in the Apache web site until tomorrow. I'll try to add
more as I investigate Axis further.

Thanks too for the other positive feedback.


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