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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: Client side generation
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 17:49:09 GMT

WSDL2Java is sort of designed in a number of pieces.  I say sort of because
there are certain goals to the whole thing, but the priority has been
simply getting it to work, and getting it to work in a clean, pluggable,
reusable manner is quite a ways down the priority stack.

There are 3 layers
- framework:  SymbolTable, Emitter, WriterFactory
- WSDL2Java plugin to the framework:  WSDL2Java (the main),
JavaWriterFactory, and all the WSDL-relative writers:  JavaPortTypeWriter,
JavaBindingWriter, etc.
- The actual WSDL2Java emitters, one for each file generated:
JavaInterfaceWriter, JavaStubWriter, etc.

It sounds like you want to write an emitter that does almost the same as
WSDL2Java but with some extra stuff.  Say you want to emit something along
with a stub (your transformer?).  Here's what you'd do:
- write MyTransformerWriter which extends JavaWriter and emits your
- write MyBindingWriter which extends JavaBindingWriter.  This lets the
parent class do all of its thing plus instantiates and invokes your new
- write MyWriterFactory which extends JavaWriterFactory.  This overrides
"public Writer getWriter(Binding binding, SymbolTable symbolTable);".  This
method now instantiates your MyBindingWriter.
- write MyWSDL2Java, your main class, which processes the command line
arguments and instantiates your MyWriterFactory and gives it to Emitter.

That's how it's supposed to work, anyway.  If you go down this path I'd
like to have your feedback.  I haven't put much work into the whole
framework thing in a while.

Russell Butek

"Matthew Langham" <> on 01/30/2002 10:50:30 AM

Please respond to

To:    <>
Subject:    Client side generation


we are currently looking into ways of integrating Axis into our Cocoon
solution and in particular how we can get Axis to generate the necessary
client-side components for us. At the moment the process is as follows: We
use Wsdl2java out of Axis to generate the stubs etc. and then write a
transformer (the cocoon component) that then uses the stub. This works
well - but we feel it would be way neat if we could somehow combine these

So in the end it would be great if there was some way of being able to
extend Wsdl2java and/or Axis so that we can influence the actual classes it
emits (or hook into their generation). The end result being a one step
process to generate Cocoon components from WSDL using Axis.

Hope you see what I am getting at. Any suggestions?


Matthew Langham

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