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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: setJavaClass
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 12:16:02 GMT
Should this value be changeable at runtime?  If not then
shouldn't it be on the ctor of the factory?  And if yes, then
shouldn't we give the user a matching getter?  I guess a
getter could be good either way.

Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS on 01/10/2002 06:41:44 AM

Please respond to

Subject:    Re: setJavaClass

Doug Davis wrote:
> But that doesn't explain why the Class parameter was moved from the
> getDeserializer() method to a completely new method.

That would require a Class to be specified on every attempt to get a
deserializer.   With the current design, a Class is specified once for the
factory as a whole.

- Sam Ruby

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