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From "Paul Fremantle" <>
Subject Re: Proposed Contribution to Apache - WSIF
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 16:30:31 GMT

> 1. Looks like an "old" version of Axis was used (Axis no longer has Is it
> possible to upgrade to latest Axis?

We are still on alpha 3 but we are syncing up over the next few weeks. We
are pretty tied up with some major items right now.

> 2. Seems like an "old" or "patched" version of WSDL4J was used (Some
functions don't exist in
> anymore). Is it possible to use the "publicly" available
latest WSDL4J?

We are in discussion with Matt about syncing up. Currently we patch the
latest WSDL4J.

> 3. Apache SOAP support needs package (Part of IBM Web
Services Gateway?). Is it
> possible to get rid of this dependency?

We'll tidy up the dependency so it builds cleanly.

> 4. Can you also please ensure that classes from Apache SOAP are not used
"indiscriminately" in the
> code. Wanting people to have both Apache Axis and Apache SOAP jars defeats
the whole purpose... (I
> searched for org.apache.soap in *.java)

There are a couple of uses of Apache SOAP. There are a few places where we
have been lazy and used SOAP classes in the base framework and we'll get rid
of those. And there's the ApacheSOAP provider, which is an alternative to
the Axis provider.

> 5. Can the build file be updated to build even if Apache SOAP, EJB,
> Logging Package are absent? Since these are supposed to be "Optional"

Yup. I need to introduce you to Jeremy, he's the team leader and build guru!

> 6. Are there any samples that you can point me to...Once i get the whole
thing compiled?

Yes! Once we're through our crisis, we'll post a new dist with samples and
the fixes. It would be nice to have the CVS tree sorted by then so we can do
the global rename at the same time and post it to its final destination.

> Looking forward to trying the latest WSIF as soon as we get these items
sorted out one way or
> another.
> Thanks,
> dims
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