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From "Gopinath.M.R." <>
Subject couple of questions on Axis
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 13:52:12 GMT
Hi all,
I have few questions regarding Axis flexibility to use it with JAXP & JAXB.

1. How can I specify the list of features/properties to be considered 
when parsing the incoming SOAP message?
        Currently SAXParser is created by Util class 
org.apache.axis.utils.XMLUtils and the features/properties are fixed. 
 In future when the JAXP will include a way to use different parser 
configurations of Xerces-2, then it should be possible to use different 
configurations (like using grammar pool ).  Also, it should be flexible 
to configure different parser configurations for different SOAP-Action 
URIs.  This might require extending WSDD.

2. There are no samples/wrapper classes to use marshalling/umarshalling 
frameworks (like castor) within Axis.  Are there any plans to make it 
add these plugins/samples?  In future how will it work with JAXB 
libraries?  Will it be possible to use combination of both axis & castor 
for marshall/umarshalling a particular SOAP message.

        If there is a webservice to add a new contact to addressbook 
like AddressBook.addUser(Contact contactObj) and Contact class is 
generated using marshalling/umarshalling framework, wouldn't it be easy 
to work with marshalling/unmarshalling framework for this purpose?

3. Version handling of web-services.
    Is it possible to configure different deserializers for same xml 
elements for same services?  This might be an issue, if the same service 
has two versions of implementations and different classes are providing 
the service for each version.  The version information can come as part 
of SOAP Header or as part of service specific element's attribute.

Sun MicroSystems, INDIA

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