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From Nelson Minar <>
Subject RE: [axis] User Roles and AXIS components
Date Sat, 17 Aug 2002 17:16:10 GMT
Allow me to chime in as someone who has shipped a SOAP client to lots
of users..

>I would hazard a guess that many users would be interested in having
>a client runtime to deploy with their applications.

I'd love to have a Java package that made a small SOAP client
distribution possible. Think 100k jar file. I'm not sure Axis will
ever be able to do that, though, the goals of Axis are different.
Still an axis-client.jar seems useful.

The Google Web APIs ship a fully packaged Java client for users. That
includes our own Google code, plus a copy of Apache SOAP, plus all the
other stuff required to make Apache SOAP work in a stock Java2
installation: an XML parser (Crimson), Java activation, and the
Javamail API. The whole .jar weighs in at 600k of which only 10k or so
are Google code. That's the best I could do - if there were any way to
make it smaller, that'd be great.

Ultimately what I'd like to do is ship no Java client code at all and
instead say "install Axis and run WSDL2Java on our WSDL file". For
that, Axis needs to be easily installable for an end user. A single
.jar that includes everything required - XML parser, activation, etc -
is significantly easier for users. Some day the stock JRE install is
going to include all this stuff, but we shouldn't wait for that.

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