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From Andreas Leitner <>
Subject Re: Session Lifecycle vs. ServiceLifecycle ?
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:19:02 GMT
Hi Matthias,
hi axis-dev

Note: I am CCing this to axis-dev.

Matthias and I found that in axis beta3 the function "ServiceLifecycle.destroy" seems not
to be called at all. Here is a the transcript of our conversation from the axis user list.
I think it includes all details necessary to reproduce the problem.

My questions is

Are we doing something wrong? If not, is this a known (and possibly fixed in cvs) bug?

many thanks in advance and keep up the great work,

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 01:54:35PM +0200, Matthias Brunner wrote:
> Hello Andreas,
> On Friday 16 August 2002 12:20, Andreas Leitner wrote:
> >
> > Again thanks. I am able to trigger "init"s correctly. No problem here. But
> > I have not every succeeded triggering "destroy" other than calling it
> > directly. Is there any way to reproduce a termination of the session?
> >
> > What I have done so far:
> >
> > *) Produced a Axis Web Service with cookie session scope
> > *) Set the timeout of the session (via Session.setTimeout) in "init" to 1
> > (that function is called - I can see it in the log) *) then from a dot net
> > client (which generates his proxy via the autogenerated wsdl file) I
> > initiate a connection and call some function. on the first call of some
> > dummy SOAP function, "init" shows up in the log. then i close the app and
> > wait... wait... wait (and "destroy" does not show up in the log, and thus
> > is not beeing called) *) status quo: I have no idea how I should go to
> > trigger a call to "destroy"
> >
> I have just attached a debugger to tomcat and set a breakpoint in the 
> destroy() method of my service. destroy() seems never to be called. (although 
> the tomcat manager webapp tells me that the session is no longer active)
> It is quite possible that this is a bug, someone :-) should post to the dev 
> list or submit a bug report.
> Maybe it is already fixed in the CVS.
> Cheers!
> -- 
> Matthias Brunner <>
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