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From Colin Sampaleanu <>
Subject Re: Java2WSDL: unable to generate argument names for methods in interfaces
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 20:51:29 GMT
Sure, but I have to have the implementation (and then probably 
explicitly exclude certain methods I don't want listed in the WSDL). 
Ideally my interface file is my business interface, and I can just give 
that and the WSDL generated from it to whoever is interested in calling 
me via Java or SOAP, respectively. Taking it a little bit further, 
grabbing javadoc param tags and putting them in the generated WSDL file 
as '<documentation>' elements is also very useful.

I was using Glue, from MindElectric, which can do both of these (grab 
method names and javadoc descriptions, from the source, if available). 
so missed them when trying Axis... wrote:

> If you compile an implementation (not the interface) in debug, 
> Java2WSDL can find the parameter names.
> Russell Butek
> Please respond to
> To:
> cc:
> Subject: Java2WSDL: unable to generate argument names for methods in 
> interfaces
> Currently Java2WSDL is unable to generate argument names for methods in
> interfaces, due to the fact that javac doesn't actually put out this
> information when writing .class files for interfaces (or abstract
> methods in normal classes either).
> Generating WSDL with proper argument names would be a lot more useful
> though, instead of in0, in1, etc.. One way I can see to do it is to
> actually parse the source files. The .class files have all the info
> needed to locate corresponding source, given a source base directory fed
> to Java2WSDL, and the parsing would (I think) be relatively simple.
> Does anytbody else think this is useful? Am I missing something?

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