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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Problem requiring JIMI
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 13:51:11 GMT
Davanum Srinivas wrote:
 > Can IBM certify that you pass the JAXRPC TCK using JDK14? we can use
 > IMAGEIO API's in jdk14 and JIMI in jdk13? (After componentizing the
 > image i/o piece). This was my intention all along.

+1 to componetizing the image i/o piece.

 >> (Sam, I'm particularly interested in your take on this situation.)

It's actually a WebSphere call...

 >> A little history.  Attachment support for java.awt.Image must have
 >> a way to transfer Image to/from an OutputStream/InputStream.  Glen,
 >> dims, and I determined that JIMI would solve this problem.  So
 >> we've made JIMI an optional prereq.  It's not necessary to
 >> build/run AXIS.  But it IS necessary to run Image attachments.
 >> A problem with JIMI has arisen.  JIMI is required to pass the TCK.
 >> We (IBM) must be able to say we pass the TCK.  But JIMI is a Sun
 >> product.  Our legal will have a fit with this.
 >> AXIS cannot continue as we are today.  But I haven't been able to
 >> find an open solution to solve our problem.  Help!

It is not clear to me that JIMI is any less open than the JDK.

Looking at the license for JIMI, we can't distribute it except as a part
of complete packages.  But we can have a hard prereq on it if we wish,
though clearly a soft prereq would be better.

As to whether legal will have fits, IBM licenses and ships code from
other vendors, including Sun, all the time.  It is a business decision,
based on what alternatives the benefits and costs.

I actually doubt that it will be a problem.

- Sam Ruby

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