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From "Chris K. Wensel" <>
Subject TypeMappingRegistry
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 22:00:18 GMT

I'm making an attempt to supply my own TypeMapping class, but i'm having
difficulty having it seen and used on the server side of the request.

i've noticed that there are 5 places a new TypeMappingRegistryImpl is being
instantiated. If this is a customizable registry, would it be easier/safer
to have only one parent class be respsonsible for it (like AxisEngine)?
otherwise, i would think, the impl would be prone to the very problem i'm

i have had luck registering my TypeMapping class on the client side of the
request by using the TypeMappingRegistry owned by the AxisClient instance.

but it seems the same approach on the server side (AxisServer) does not
behave as i have expected. it looks like ServiceDesc is creating its own
instance of the registry and ignoring the one owned by the AxisServer.
wouldn't an IllegalStateException be more applicable here?



Chris K. Wensel

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