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Subject Re: [axis] ApacheServletBase : isProduction()
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 22:54:03 GMT
The property is a fundamental problem to me.  I'd rather have the code 
'be' production code, with plugin behaviour for anything else you want. In 
this case, I'd move the command-processing OUT of AdminServlet into a 
pluggable module, let AdminServlet 'get' that model (AxisProperties now 
has some handy methods for doing that).  Then we plug in whatever we want 
for our environment (production or otherwise).

Your command-module would be a good candidate for the proposed 

Richard A. Sitze
IBM WebSphere WebServices Development

"Steve Loughran" <>
08/16/2002 01:26 AM
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Subject: [axis] ApacheServletBase : isProduction()

> Can this be moved to AdminServlet?  It's the only place it's used... and
> I'd rather not open the door for that all the way down in the servlet.

well, what I'd like is a single switch to tell everything to adopt a 
behavior. Such as not listing services, and anything else we do.

how about move the property/load down, but leave the constant defined at 
top so other servlets can use it when needed. Or we pull all such consts
into a side class.

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