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From Christophe PINON <>
Subject GUI Dynamic Invoker
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 14:50:11 GMT

here's a GUI DynamicInvoker, this is a GUI version of the
Axis && WSIF Dynamic Invoker.
It can use either Axis as in the Axis Dynamic Invoker
(written by dims)
either WSIF (that may use Axis itself...) as in the WSIF
Dynamic Invoker (written by IBM team)
(switch with a parameter)

I supply two batch to run them. (*** They need to be edited
to set Axis and/or WSIF jars dir befre running *** )
run.bat : run the GUI with Axis only (No need for WSIF
runWSIF.bat : run the GUI with WSIF (that use Axis in my
I've tested them with Axis 1.0 and WSIF (about 1-2 weeks

Known limitations/bugs
- BOTH only work with Operation that have SIMPLE TYPES in
- When using Axis version, if the WSDL contains operations
that have complex type,
it will failed to get the operations list! ALL the
operation of the WSDL must have simple type. 
(May be just a bad error handling..)
Not the case, for WSIF version.
- When using Axis GUI DI (The type of the return Parameter
is not display)
(Should not be very complicated but not done ... didn't
take the time ...)
- When using WSIF can't call multiple operation without
getting (for each new operation you want to call)
the Operation list each time(Don't know if it's WSIF
problem or mine ??) 
But you can call the same method multiple times, with
different parameter

For me, Next Step will be :
- Improve error handling ! It's very BAD !  Keep a look on
your DOS/shell console/term
- Try to correct limitations/bugs
- Integrate UDDI/WSIL to get list of WSDL
- .....


Christophe Pinon

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