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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: [GUMP] Build timed out - Axis
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 19:39:41 GMT

> > Fair enough.  On my "old" P3 766Mhz 512MB machine:
> > 
> > 18 minutes 27 seconds.
> > 
> > Slow, yes.  "Developer hostile" I don't think so.
> It consistently takes over 20 minutes on my 2Ghz 768MB machine.
> Whatever.  This particular developer hasn't contributed since the 
> massive rewrite of the build system which had the upside of 
> being able 
> to rerun any particular test individually, but has the 
> downside of not 
> being able to run a complete build within the scope of my 
> attention span.

+1, Sam.

There are two problems that I see with the current system.

1) The ever-recursing Ant (sounds like something Doug Hofstadter would write, eh?)

I think it's possible to build a system which lets you run individual tests and yet can run
a full build without forking six jillion processes.  I believe we do this in JRun, for instance.
 At some point we should look into this.

2) Network latency / external dependencies

I've been on this horse for ages, and I know that I'm going to be the one who eventually does
something about it (unless someone proves me wrong... :)).  Our default build should be entirely
local, with our tests running locally against both our own server and a "playback" server
which spits back the XML which would be produced running against a correct remote endpoint
for whichever test.  Then we'd have a separate "interop" test suite which runs against remote
servers in the wild, but that would not be a requirement for "ant clean all" to pass.  This
buys us two things - 1) the build would vastly speed up, and 2) we wouldn't break the nightly
build when remote servers fall over for whatever reason.  You'd also be able to "ant clean
all" on your disconnected laptop....


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