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From "Thomas Bayer" <>
Subject AW: doc/lit support
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:37:47 GMT

doc/lit style services and WSDL don't have allways arbitrary handwritten
schemas. It is an awfull lot of work to handwrite an interoperable WSDL. And
the main point is not to support every schema. It is more important that
with doc/lit the body can be validated against the schema inside the WSDL
document. This is the great advantage over section 5 rpc/encoded web
services. You can't validate a body against the schema information in WSDL
with rpc/encoded cause of the encoding rules, multirefs, ...
RPC/literal has the advantage, that parts of the body can be described with
schema. But a message can contain several parts and every part has it's own
Doc/Lit goes farther than RPC/literal in that the message has only one part
and can be therefore described using one schema. The wrapped style is a
special doc/lit style imposing some more conventions. Conventions for the
WSDL and the included schema. Axis obeys these restrictions and can
therefore generate proper WSDL in doc/lit out of deployed services, generate
client or server code. Even there are some bugs mentioned already in

So we can get a lot of benefits if Axis obeys the rules and conventions and
the bugs are fixed. If Axis could map every schema, Axis would be inflated.
Perhaps its possible to use a binding framework and make the support for
arbitrary schemas plugable. But I guess that a decent support for Doc/Lit
and Wrapped using these conventions should have priority. After that binding
facilities and schema repositories can be addressed if needed.

The rules and conventions for wrapped for example makes it easy to support
interoperability and proper WSDL2Java and Java2WSDL support:

- Only one part per message
- The part name is parameters
- No Attributes
- The wrapper element is named after the method
- The response wrapper is named method + "Response"
- The parameters are contained in child-elements of the wrapper
- ...

I hope SOAP is not about writing WSDL and schema by hand. WS-I and other
efforts should ensure, that there are conventions making doc/lit simple. For
arbitrary schemas and the Doc/Lit style a RPC programming modell is not
suitable. Web Services supporting user defined schema could be created using
the message provider.


> > Any comments?  My main point is that WSDL must be treated as a
> > first-class citizen going forward.  Axis can adequately handle simple
> > doc/lit services which are generated from a java class but cannot handle
> > WSDL written by hand.  This is a major flaw and will become a major
> > interoperability problem going forward as web services and doc/lit
> > messages grow in popularity.

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