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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 06:08:06 GMT
Srinath Perera wrote:

> 1)what to do with 1999 XSD type
> 	*jaxme support it?
> 	*axis going to drop them?

Before being able to decide, whether the XS parser can support another 
namespace, I need someone who's able to describe then differences in

My guess would be, that one can simply change the 1999 namespace to the
current 2001 namespace, because most probably the features which have
changed haven't been used too much.

> 2)what to do with types that are not belong to XSD nor SOAPENC. (most
> are interoperability types.)
> 	*does axis going to drop them ?
> 	*we need to import their schema's to the dom node we are parsing
> 	*jaxme support it?

My suggestion would be some kind of pluggability. In fact, one can even 
imagine that the XS parser should be able to add external types
automatically. That would make these additional types a simple issue of

I have just a very basic idea about what Axis does, so please help me
by answering the following questions:

- Does speed matter?
- How much does it happen that a schema is being parsed? First use
   only or any use?
- Are external datatypes changing?

In other words: Is it possible or required to use a cache?


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