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From Thomas Langhammer <>
Subject Fiel size of SOAP messages
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 10:52:49 GMT

I work with the present AXIS version and get an error during transfer of
a large XML file. The file size is round about
6 MB. After transfer I get an OutOfMemoryException and I haven't located
this error up to now. The TCPMON show the complete file content, so I
think the file was transfered.
I try to transfer normal XML and set a timeout and the encoding parameter.

  call.setTimeout(new Integer(0));
  Element elem = (Element)call.invoke( new Object [] {});

Are there any restrictions in file size which can be transfered within
AXIS? I think the problem happens during the reparsing of the SOAP message?

Can anyone can give some ideas to solve this problem?

Kind Regards


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