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From Doug Davis <>
Subject Re: Fw: Problem with Query String Plug In Mechanism
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 20:15:37 GMT

Oops, sorry - didn't notice that you already tried the "dot".

Doug Davis/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS on 12/09/2003 03:13:31 PM

Please respond to

Subject:    Re: Fw: Problem with Query String Plug In Mechanism

Try qs.myQuery instead of qs:myQuery
notice the . vs the :

             "Stefan Tang"
   >                                                     To
             12/09/2003 11:56                                           cc
                                       Problem with Query String Plug In
             Please respond to         Mechanism

I am currently trying to program another Query String Plug-In, but I
have a problem registering the plugin with AXIS. I programmed the
Handler class and tried to register the plug-in via the WSDD deployment
file with the following entry:

<transport name="http">
             <parameter name="qs:myQuery" value="myQuery.QSMyHandler"/>

But somehow AXIS does not pass on any requests edning with ?myQuery to
my Handler class. I also tried "qs.myQuery" as name, but still it didnt

I am using Tomcat 5 and build the latest AXIS from the CVS.

Thanks for any help, much appreaciated.

Stefan Tang.

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