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From donallt dsa <>
Subject Is AXIS C++ kompartibel with AXIS Java ??
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 14:01:40 GMT
Hi AXIS People,

I try with VC++ 6.0 to interoperate
with my JBoss 3.2. J2EE Server (AXIS Java is 
integrated) with my Enterprise Java Beans.

The EJB's are ok and works fine with other 
Cleints (e.g JSP/Servlets oder Boeland Delphi 7
Webservice enabled Win32-Application)

I want to use AXIS C++ in an consumer 
Application on Win32 and the Win32s 
SubSystem (so it can also run on Win 3.1)

But i cannot etablish the connection between
JBoss and my AXIS C++ MSVC++ 6.0 Application.

Sometimes i receive an LNK2001 Error at linking
Time or i receive an Access Violation.

Whats wrong and is there an Step by Step Guide
out there?

Or is AXIS C++ not interoperable with JAVA

Thanks for Help



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