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From "Ias" <>
Subject RE: [FYI] build result with Tiger
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:54:05 GMT
> Tom Jordahl wrote:
> > Let's not put these kinds of changes in to 1.2, as Tiger 
> isn't going 
> > to be a factor for a while...
> True, but we may want to get any changes in to stop people 
> writing code that needs to be changed for Java1.5 in now. 
> Making 'enum' reserved in code generation would do some of 
> that, moving axis.enum would too.

I totally agree with you on the point.

> I am pleased to see that Sun have finally realised that 
> endorsed directories were a silly idea; they are retained but 
> by renaming the built in implementations of xerces and xalan, 
> you can finally include your own implementation without suffering:
> ibility_150.html#packageNames

Thanks for the link! And I found that 

Package Name Changes

What Changed, and Why
In JAXP 1.4, the fact that JAXP was built into the Java platform was a mixed
blessing. On the one hand, an application could rely on that fact that it
was there. 

should be

In JAXP 1.1, ...

in the document.

(1.4 is far from where we are now. :-)


> -steve

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