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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject SOAP Encoding questions in 1.2
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 16:59:27 GMT
I've been looking at the 1.2 branch and have a couple questions about 
how encoding is handled as well as some possible bugs.  I think they 
refer to a couple of the major commits in the last month or two which 
have caused known problems.  (Like:
I am just trying to make sense of SOAP and AXIS...

1. In 1.1 my services were serialized using the XSD types for primitives 
not the soap encoding types (ie xsd:string not 
{}string).  Now WSDL outputs 
(which according to bug 25533 is broken) types for my primitives using 
xsd.  However, when my service is run Strings come out as 
soapenc:string.  So my first question is, for SOAP 1.1 services is there 
a right encoding?  Should I generally be using XSD or SOAP encoding?  Or 
can you use both? 

2.  Why are java primitives not registered in 
DefaultSOAPEncodingTypeMappingImpl?  For example - 
java.lang.Boolean.class is registered but not boolean.class.

3.  My service are registered in the soap encoding namespace.  So, my 
<typeMappings> in my WSDD are put in the TypeMapping registered under 
the SOAP 1.1 URI (ie - DefaultSOAPEncodingTypeMappingImpl).  Which 
means, that my service will use those types first - instead of the XSD 
types.  I don't believe this was the case before.  Was this 
intentional?  (I guess this ties in closely with question 1 or is a 
rephrasing of it).



Dan Diephouse
"The lesson of history is what we ourselves accept as such." 
	- M. Polanyi

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