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From Sempere Benjamin <>
Subject Deserialization problem with API
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 07:48:31 GMT
Hello, i ve a question with Deserialization in axis,
So, i have generated my stubs with wsdl2java...

Each generated classes (for complex type)has methods
named 'getDeserializer' and 'getSerializer'...

So for serializing a java object, no problem i use
'getSerializer' in order do get a Serializer object,
and then i call the serialize method on this object...
Finally, i obtain a writer that contains the
serialized object as a xml stream...

But i have a problem with deserialization process. I
can get the Deserializer Object by calling
'getDeserializer' but after i dont know which method i
have to invoke in order to get a java object
associated to a xml stream???

If anyone can help me

   SEMPERE Benjamin


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