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From "David D. Lucas" <>
Subject Re: How can I explain this ?
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 12:05:32 GMT
The stack trace appears to be related to not have permission to the 
directory it needs to create the attachment file or the directory is not 
even there.  Please verify where it is trying to create the file and 
make sure your server has access to it.

I know the ByteArray stuff was using whatever was pointing 
to.  I have not looked into the attachments to see where they were going.

Let me know what happens.


Matthieu Cargnelli wrote:
> David D. Lucas wrote:
>> Make sure you get the latest out of CVS.
> I actually use the 1.2 alpha "binary" distribution, with the 
> asynchronous client from CVS.
>> I found a bug in the ByteArray class that uses temporary files for 
>> managing SOAP messages.  This caused me several problems. But a fix 
>> was applied to CVS and you should try it with the latest first and let 
>> us know if it is still happening. This might be related to this, but need
>> more info from your stack trace.
> I must do some progress in my project, so I will use scp to transfer my 
> files until 1.2beta is released, I've understood it would be very soon. 
> But I join the stack trace I have in tcpmon, hope it helps.
> Matthieu Cargnelli


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