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From "Samuel Meder" <>
Subject Re: Hot WS Deployment In Axis
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 07:36:43 GMT
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From: "Steve Loughran" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2004 12:29 AM
Subject: Re: Hot WS Deployment In Axis

> Some thoughts
> 1. what if a module is already loaded in a different classloader? Reload?

Do you mean reload as in set up a duplicate? I think there need to be separate operations
for update vs load a different version.

> 2. what if a module is already loaded in a parent classloader? What if 
> we are hosted under JBoss with its own funny logic?


> 3. what if  two services want to dynamically load in a jar file -and 
> want to share a classloader , so that they can share instances of the 
> classes.

Yea, this may be tricky. In our environment we end up doing this quite a bit between a factory
service and a service acting on the objects created by the factory. Granted we could potentially
work around this by pushing things into the parent loader, but that doesn't seem all that


> #3 is why ant's taskdef lets you identify a classloader by name; all 
> tasks loaded with the same name share the classloader. Costin (of tomcat 
> fame) helped out on there. We really need consultation with him or 
> another classloader expert before getting too far into trouble.
> -stee
> One option is to make classloaders
> > 3) will the fact that the service is loaded from diff class loader (we can
> > set the context loader as the parent) will mess up execution somehow. I
> > belive not .. But I need to check.

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