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From "Michael Merz" <>
Subject RE: JSR-181 JWS file extensions: .jws vs .java
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 00:22:58 GMT
Hi all,

Axis 1.x expects Java Web Service files to have a ".jws" extension. This
certainly makes sense, since there Axis can't differentiate between Java
Web Service files and regular Java files just by looking at their

JSR-181, however, makes additional information available in form of
metadata (annotations). With this additional information it is now
possible to tell Java Web Service source files apart from regular Java
source files -- just by looking at the files' contents; thus, the ".jws"
extension is not necessary anymore.

Since Java Web Service source files are Java files, I suggest to get rid
of the ".jws" extension altogether and to support the standard ".java"
extension for Java Web Service files.

Comments? Opinions?



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