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From "Zog TheBogue" <>
Subject DynBean support ?
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 12:36:19 GMT
I'm trying to find out if I can make AXIS
support dynabeans. Currently, the type mapping
used by the Call object seems to imply a
one to one mapping from a java type to a
qname. I'd like to be able to associate a
DynaBean to a qname, which would result in
several qnames mapping to the same class (but
not the same type of DynaBean - ie. different
DynaClass contents). My goal is to have a
simple memory representation of complex types
(based on a HashMap inside a DynaBean) without
having to generate classes.
I kind of see how I can make the de/serialization
work using my own DynaBean factory, but I'd
like to know if there are other issues that
could be raised.
Any opinion/idea ?

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