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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: server redirected too many times(20) while using AXIS 1.1
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 08:50:32 GMT
Satish Artham wrote:
> If you're implying that 1.2 beta is more stable than 1.1 then I will use
> the beta version.

It is more stable than 1.1 . It has all the bugfixes found against 1.1. 
There may be regressions, but if you find them, now is the time to do 
so. Better than to wait till it gets declared the 1.2 release and then 
we find the defects.

The process I use is

1. I download from CVS axis and build it myself.

2. I import the built files into my projects through an explicit task:

   <!-- ========================================================== -->
   <!-- utility method for anyone keeping lib up to date wrt axis
       files; this copies them if they have any byte-for-byte differences
   <!-- ========================================================== -->
   <target name="fetch-axis-files" if="axis.home"
     description="fetch the latest axis distribution">
     <copy todir="${lib.dir}">
       <fileset dir="${axis.home}/build/lib" includes="*.jar">
         <different targetdir="${lib.dir}" ignorefiletimes="true"/>
     <copy todir="${lib.dir}">
       <fileset dir="${axis.home}/build/" includes="*.war">
         <different targetdir="${lib.dir}" ignorefiletimes="true"/>

This copies files that have different content.

3. the copied files are stored in SCM, so that we can roll back to the 
version, and so other people (and cruise control) does not need the axis 

4. I usually update axis every week, unless I am making changes to axis 

It works pretty well. Having a weekly update reduces the need to test 
for regressions so early, but still keeps me up to date. And having 
everything on SCM lets me roll back.


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