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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject [Axis2] IRC chat log 2004-10-06
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:29:27 GMT
summary: today discussion continued on hot deployment (checking
how tomcat is doing it and working on service.xml schema)
then  looking on current OM API prototypes, differences between them,
and next steps.



[10/6/2004 8:02 AM] =-= Topic for #apache-axis is ``apache-axis''
[10/6/2004 8:02 AM] =-= Topic for #apache-axis was set by Srinath_ on Wednesday, September
29, 2004 
9:06:50 AM
[10/6/2004 8:02 AM] <Deepal> Hi all
[10/6/2004 8:03 AM] =-= YOU are now known as alek_logging
[10/6/2004 8:03 AM] <alek_logging> hello
[10/6/2004 8:03 AM] <Deepal> it is time to start
[10/6/2004 8:04 AM] <alek_logging> what is today agenda?
[10/6/2004 8:04 AM] -->| pzf ( has joined #apache-axis
[10/6/2004 8:04 AM] <pzf> hi folks
[10/6/2004 8:04 AM] -->| Jaliya (~Miranda@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/6/2004 8:04 AM] <pzf> i hear its going well
[10/6/2004 8:05 AM] <Ajith> hi all
[10/6/2004 8:05 AM] <Jaliya> Hi All
[10/6/2004 8:05 AM] <Srinath> hi all :)
[10/6/2004 8:05 AM] -->| chathura (~chathurah@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/6/2004 8:06 AM] <vakYpollo> hi
[10/6/2004 8:06 AM] <Srinath> where are we from deployment stuff
[10/6/2004 8:06 AM] <Srinath> I think that is where we stop
[10/6/2004 8:06 AM] <chathura> hi guy
[10/6/2004 8:06 AM] =-= Srinath has changed the topic to ``axis2 deployment''
[10/6/2004 8:08 AM] -->| Chinthaka (~chinthaka@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/6/2004 8:08 AM] <Chinthaka> hi all
[10/6/2004 8:09 AM] <Srinath> BTW Ias what happen to ur name :D
[10/6/2004 8:10 AM] -->| sanjiva_away (~sanjiva@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/6/2004 8:10 AM] <sanjiva_away> hi guys sorry I'm late
[10/6/2004 8:10 AM] =-= sanjiva_away is now known as sanjiva
[10/6/2004 8:10 AM] <sanjiva> I was spsed to have sorted out the details of service.xml
by now .. but I 
messed up :-( ...
[10/6/2004 8:11 AM] <Deepal> I developed a prototye for hot deployemnt
[10/6/2004 8:11 AM] <sanjiva> cool!
[10/6/2004 8:11 AM] <Deepal> and sSrinath will commit it soon
[10/6/2004 8:11 AM] <Srinath> I going check it in to scratch
[10/6/2004 8:11 AM] <pzf> excellent
[10/6/2004 8:12 AM] <Deepal> BTW someone know how tomact handle hat deployement ?
[10/6/2004 8:12 AM] <sanjiva> hat?
[10/6/2004 8:12 AM] -->| Harsha ( has joined
[10/6/2004 8:12 AM] <Deepal> sorry HOt
[10/6/2004 8:12 AM] <pzf> i know how topcat manages hat deployment :-)
[10/6/2004 8:13 AM] <Deepal> so tell me
[10/6/2004 8:13 AM] <pzf> (that was a joke... sorry)
[10/6/2004 8:13 AM] <Chinthaka> :)
[10/6/2004 8:13 AM] <Srinath> Hi Harsha
[10/6/2004 8:13 AM] <pzf>
[10/6/2004 8:14 AM] <chathura> by the way sir the wsdl object model code is also done
[10/6/2004 8:14 AM] <Harsha> Hi Everybody
[10/6/2004 8:14 AM] <chathura> srinath may be you can check in my wsdl object model
[10/6/2004 8:14 AM] <Deepal> Hi Harsha
[10/6/2004 8:14 AM] <pzf> excellent
[10/6/2004 8:15 AM] <Harsha> I got another person here as well. He is Asanka jayawardena.
[10/6/2004 8:15 AM] <pzf> btw way we are working on how to move forward with JWSDL2.0
[10/6/2004 8:15 AM] <sanjiva> Chathura: great!
[10/6/2004 8:16 AM] <sanjiva> Harsha and Asanka - welcome
[10/6/2004 8:16 AM] <sanjiva> Guys these two folks are from Melbourne Australia .. they
want to join 
this project and contribute!
[10/6/2004 8:16 AM] <Srinath> :)
[10/6/2004 8:16 AM] <pzf> cool
[10/6/2004 8:16 AM] <chathura> welcome
[10/6/2004 8:16 AM] <Harsha> Thanks for welcoming us.
[10/6/2004 8:17 AM] <Ajith> always welcome
[10/6/2004 8:17 AM] <sanjiva> So Deepal will you give a summary of the hot deployment
stuff please?
[10/6/2004 8:17 AM] <Deepal> Sir there is a thread runninf forever
[10/6/2004 8:17 AM] <Ajith> BTW most of the Axis Table Model is done and I checked it
in to the SVN 30 
mins ago
[10/6/2004 8:18 AM] <Deepal> and checkig whether a spcific folder is update
[10/6/2004 8:18 AM] <Jaliya> How you compaire
[10/6/2004 8:18 AM] <Deepal> meaning whether new jars added to taht folder
[10/6/2004 8:18 AM] <chathura> based on time stamp is it??
[10/6/2004 8:18 AM] <Ajith> right now I am writing an XML bench for that one
[10/6/2004 8:18 AM] <Chinthaka> hope u all had time to check the OM api we proposed
[10/6/2004 8:19 AM] <Deepal> yep Chathura
[10/6/2004 8:19 AM] <samisa> time stamp of what?
[10/6/2004 8:19 AM] <Chinthaka> and myself and Ajith implemented two prototypes of those
[10/6/2004 8:20 AM] <Deepal> Im checking modified date of the jar files
[10/6/2004 8:20 AM] <samisa> ok
[10/6/2004 8:20 AM] <Deepal> not the content of that jar
[10/6/2004 8:20 AM] <Deepal> if it is modified only I will check for its content
[10/6/2004 8:20 AM] <Jaliya> How about the new additions>
[10/6/2004 8:20 AM] <chathura> so this is extensible for hot update too is it??(or am
i too ambitious)
[10/6/2004 8:21 AM] <Deepal> yep
[10/6/2004 8:21 AM] <Deepal> in this prototype it will only check newlly added jars
[10/6/2004 8:21 AM] <Srinath> I think time stamp is enough
[10/6/2004 8:21 AM] <sanjiva> guys can we do one topic at a time please
[10/6/2004 8:21 AM] <sanjiva> let's finish the hot deployment stuff first
[10/6/2004 8:22 AM] <Deepal> I developed the thread as a scheduler
[10/6/2004 8:23 AM] <Deepal> and it will do it task for ever 10 s
[10/6/2004 8:23 AM] <samisa> Is it the same strategy used by Tomcat, JBoss etc?
[10/6/2004 8:23 AM] <Deepal> that is the cycle is 10s
[10/6/2004 8:23 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka: please od not put Word documents into
[10/6/2004 8:23 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka: i think this kind of discussion/documentaiton
belongs in 
Wiki ...
[10/6/2004 8:23 AM] <Chinthaka> ok
[10/6/2004 8:23 AM] <Chinthaka> sorry abt that
[10/6/2004 8:24 AM] <Srinath> BTW code of deepal at
[10/6/2004 8:24 AM] <Deepal> Samias :taht is whay I asked how tomcat handle hot deployemnt
[10/6/2004 8:24 AM] <Deepal> and I send a mail to tomcat mailing list today
[10/6/2004 8:24 AM] <Deepal> to know abt that
[10/6/2004 8:24 AM] <samisa> Ok great
[10/6/2004 8:24 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka: when you major chnages in Wiki please
post short email 
toindicate where is Wiki page to read ...
[10/6/2004 8:25 AM] <Chinthaka> alek : I think I posted that to dev list, last time
[10/6/2004 8:26 AM] <Deepal> to go a head with this I need to finalize the folder structure
[10/6/2004 8:26 AM] <Deepal> and the schemas
[10/6/2004 8:27 AM] <Srinath> shall we create schemas ASAP and put them to SVN so others
can comment
[10/6/2004 8:27 AM] <Deepal> the folder structure that is shown in the wiki
[10/6/2004 8:27 AM] <chathura> think the rest of the deployment guys hav the same problem
[10/6/2004 8:27 AM] <Deepal> is correct ?
[10/6/2004 8:27 AM] <alek_logging> Ajith: when you have benchmark code written please
post link to SVN 
and maybe wiki page descirbing how to run it ...
[10/6/2004 8:27 AM] <Ajith> ok
[10/6/2004 8:28 AM] <Ajith> I was just listening since the "hot" topic is hot deployment
[10/6/2004 8:28 AM] <Deepal>
[10/6/2004 8:28 AM] <sanjiva> Yes .. I'll work on service.xml schema tomorrow and we
can discuss it by 
email .. if we agree on a version of that then that can be the starting point for hot deployment
[10/6/2004 8:29 AM] <Deepal> not only hot deployemnt
[10/6/2004 8:29 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka: i am sorry but i have hard time commenting
on Word 
document - i think the content of this Word DOC should have been posted as email - i see no
reason why 
it was not done ...
[10/6/2004 8:29 AM] <Deepal> bt also for Deployemnt :)
[10/6/2004 8:30 AM] <Chinthaka> alek : I put the word doc, as it is , in the wiki
[10/6/2004 8:30 AM] <sanjiva> Alek: Wiki is a pain in the ass to keep editing and iterating
[10/6/2004 8:30 AM] <sanjiva> Please read it and send comments to the list or wiki!
[10/6/2004 8:30 AM] <alek_logging> Sanjiva: do you sugest we use Word DOC to document
java code and to 
do discussion?
[10/6/2004 8:30 AM] <Chinthaka> alek : and I put that word doc in the svn, for some
one to easily look 
in to that, once he checks out the code from that place
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <sanjiva> Chintaka - can u PDF it and put it? Or better yet .. commit
an html 
version of it into the SVN
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <alek_logging> Sanjiva: if you looked on the  mentioned Word DOC
you can see there 
is no reason why Word was used - it is just text ...
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <Ajith> hmmmmm
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <Chinthaka> ok, consider it done
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <Ajith> or just use deepals doc to wiki converter :)))
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <Srinath> html version is better
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <Srinath> :D
[10/6/2004 8:31 AM] <chathura> :d
[10/6/2004 8:32 AM] <Deepal> its not mine
[10/6/2004 8:32 AM] <sanjiva> Its just an editor dude ... and it gives room to insert
a figure if one 
wants to. Anyway we can convert to HTML and post it - that works for all right?
[10/6/2004 8:32 AM] <alek_logging> Sanjiva: check
[10/6/2004 8:32 AM] <Deepal> its propert of LSF :)
[10/6/2004 8:32 AM] <Ajith> :)
[10/6/2004 8:32 AM] <alek_logging> i think that HTML version is btter too
[10/6/2004 8:32 AM] <samisa> +1 for HTML
[10/6/2004 8:33 AM] <Srinath> does all happy with html?
[10/6/2004 8:33 AM] <Ajith> ok may it be HTML then
[10/6/2004 8:33 AM] <sanjiva> Alek: saw it .. that doc is just a report right? the real
meat is in the code
[10/6/2004 8:33 AM] <alek_logging> anyway for discussion of such important topic as
"decoupling of DOM 
API from OM Model" i would prefere to use email thread ...
[10/6/2004 8:34 AM] <sanjiva> So shall we switch topics to OM now?
[10/6/2004 8:34 AM] <alek_logging> i am not sure what it is - it looks to me like status
update / 
starting point for discscussion
[10/6/2004 8:34 AM] <sanjiva> Are we done with deployment?
[10/6/2004 8:35 AM] <sanjiva> I guess until we have the schemas we can't do a whole
lot more on 
deployment .. my apologies for not delivering this week
[10/6/2004 8:35 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka/Ajith brought the topic so i had to respond
[10/6/2004 8:35 AM] <Srinath> Shall we switch to OM :)
[10/6/2004 8:36 AM] <Srinath> we hav three Impl I belive ..
[10/6/2004 8:36 AM] <Deepal> its ok sir
[10/6/2004 8:36 AM] <sanjiva> OK let's talk about OM :)
[10/6/2004 8:36 AM] <sanjiva> What are the 3 impls?
[10/6/2004 8:37 AM] <Ajith> 1. the table model with rows
[10/6/2004 8:37 AM] <Ajith> 2. the link list model
[10/6/2004 8:37 AM] <Ajith> 3. the table model with columns
[10/6/2004 8:38 AM] <Srinath> the diff #1 #3 is based on how table is implemented
[10/6/2004 8:38 AM] <Srinath> what is diff #1 vs #2
[10/6/2004 8:38 AM] <Ajith> 1st one is kind of abandoned now
[10/6/2004 8:38 AM] <Ajith> since the 1st one actually converted to the 2nd while implementing
[10/6/2004 8:38 AM] <Srinath> shall we drow the concepts without saying 1, 2
[10/6/2004 8:39 AM] <Ajith> :)
[10/6/2004 8:39 AM] <Srinath> now everybody get it that way I think
[10/6/2004 8:39 AM] <Ajith> ok here are the conceptual differences
[10/6/2004 8:39 AM] <Srinath> :)
[10/6/2004 8:40 AM] <Chinthaka> I just posted that doc file in html format to, axis-dev
[10/6/2004 8:40 AM] <Ajith> the link list model has objects (plain old "shim dom" objects)
linked by 
obejct refeences in the fashion of a link list
[10/6/2004 8:40 AM] <Chinthaka> can someone please apply that patch for me
[10/6/2004 8:41 AM] <Srinath> sure about patch.. back to OM :)
[10/6/2004 8:41 AM] <Ajith> the column table model stroes everything in either integer
or string mode 
in arrays and gives the object by filling in the values when needed
[10/6/2004 8:42 AM] <Ajith> more like the XALAN DTM i guess
[10/6/2004 8:42 AM] <sanjiva> So can both of these implement the API that Chinthaka
[10/6/2004 8:42 AM] <Chinthaka> both those models have the common api
[10/6/2004 8:42 AM] <Chinthaka> yeah, they are already being implemeted
[10/6/2004 8:43 AM] <Ajith> note however that both support incremental building through
pull parsing
[10/6/2004 8:43 AM] <Ajith> yeah
[10/6/2004 8:43 AM] <Chinthaka> I will commit that linked list model to svn tomorrow
[10/6/2004 8:43 AM] <sanjiva> So maybe we should examine the interfaces and not the
impls right now then?
[10/6/2004 8:43 AM] <Ajith> so that we can run the same perf test on both
[10/6/2004 8:43 AM] <Chinthaka> thats correct
[10/6/2004 8:43 AM] <Ajith> yeah
[10/6/2004 8:45 AM] <pzf> doesn't the table model require the schema in advance?
[10/6/2004 8:45 AM] <alek_logging> so here my two cents about API: why not use String
directly as TEXT 
nodes? this wil make API smaller and more lightweight
[10/6/2004 8:45 AM] <sanjiva> ok
[10/6/2004 8:45 AM] <alek_logging> XML Infoset suggest to have [element content whitespace]
but i do 
not think we need this info for SOAP ...
[10/6/2004 8:45 AM] <alek_logging>
[10/6/2004 8:46 AM] <alek_logging> and for sure we can live without backlink to [parent]
[10/6/2004 8:46 AM] <alek_logging> when DOM API is needed it can wrap String into TEXT
nodes - so 
priice for using DOM is explicit
[10/6/2004 8:47 AM] <Chinthaka> the link list has backlink to parent
[10/6/2004 8:47 AM] <Chinthaka> every node knows its parent
[10/6/2004 8:47 AM] <Srinath> pzf: no the om is just like dom with streaming
[10/6/2004 8:47 AM] <alek_logging> i think that for SOAP infoset API (OM) in case of
Information Item [parent[ is not needed ...
[10/6/2004 8:48 AM] <Ajith> yeah linking can be aprob if the text nodes are just String
[10/6/2004 8:48 AM] <alek_logging> i think using Strings directly will make API impls
much smaller on 
memory footprint ...
[10/6/2004 8:48 AM] <Srinath> Alex:but I belive we decided we need full infoset two
weeks ago
[10/6/2004 8:49 AM] <alek_logging> we take and pick things from XML Infoset
[10/6/2004 8:49 AM] -->| Essington (~Essington@essington.user) has joined #apache-axis
[10/6/2004 8:50 AM] <Srinath> alek do not get what you mean ?
[10/6/2004 8:50 AM] <Deepal> i didnt get u alex
[10/6/2004 8:50 AM] <alek_logging> i do not think we have in API Document Type Notatoin,
Entity Information, or Declaration Information Items ...
[10/6/2004 8:50 AM] <Chinthaka> alek : no we don't have
[10/6/2004 8:51 AM] <Srinath> yes that three is out
[10/6/2004 8:51 AM] <Deepal> for the sopa we dont need Doc tyep notation
[10/6/2004 8:51 AM] <Srinath> but whitespaces we need 4 secuirty
[10/6/2004 8:51 AM] <alek_logging> currently proposed  OM API does not support full
XML Infoset !
[10/6/2004 8:52 AM] <alek_logging> you are ocnfusing whitespace characters with boolean
flag [element 
content whitespace]
[10/6/2004 8:52 AM] <Deepal> do we need to support fulinforset ?
[10/6/2004 8:52 AM] <alek_logging> (actually it is not boolelan it is tr-state)
[10/6/2004 8:52 AM] <Srinath> Chinthka: what does OM API support
[10/6/2004 8:52 AM] <Srinath> can you explain bit
[10/6/2004 8:52 AM] <Chinthaka> OM has the infoset that is required by SOAP only
[10/6/2004 8:52 AM] <Ajith> basically elements, attribs ,text, comment and cdata
[10/6/2004 8:53 AM] <alek_logging> (tri-state: true, false, or "unknown" - or maybe
more states ...)
[10/6/2004 8:53 AM] <Srinath> what is it:)
[10/6/2004 8:53 AM] <Jaliya> Alek please explian a bit
[10/6/2004 8:53 AM] <alek_logging> CDATA is not in XML Infoset  ...
[10/6/2004 8:53 AM] <Deepal> I think it is
[10/6/2004 8:53 AM] <alek_logging> see Appendix D list item 19:
[10/6/2004 8:54 AM] <alek_logging> CDATA content is just Character Information Items
[10/6/2004 8:54 AM] <alek_logging> i think you are ocnfusing DOM API and XML Infoset
[10/6/2004 8:54 AM] <Srinath> oops I thought we decided on what is in OM two weeks ago
[10/6/2004 8:55 AM] <alek_logging> DOM API pre-dates XML Infoset
[10/6/2004 8:55 AM] <Deepal> I agree with Srinath
[10/6/2004 8:55 AM] <pzf> srinath: I have seen a model where XML is stored as tables
but the schema is 
known... each node in the tree is prenumbered
[10/6/2004 8:55 AM] <alek_logging> Srinath: what do you mean by decided? you mean API?
[10/6/2004 8:55 AM] <pzf> but i guess this is different
[10/6/2004 8:55 AM] <sanjiva> alek: if u lose cdata doesn't canonicalization fail?
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] -->| Farhaan ( has joined
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <Chinthaka> pzf : what we implemented was a model to hold elements,
attributes, comments and texts
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <Deepal> hi Farahan
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <Deepal> :)
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <Farhaan> Hi Deepal
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <alek_logging> Sanjiva: we do not keep CDATA in XSUL and have no
problems with 
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <Srinath> the problem is does secuirty need them or not
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <Chinthaka> pzf : this is all we require in SOAP
[10/6/2004 8:56 AM] <alek_logging> but i am not security expert - maybe we should aks
[10/6/2004 8:57 AM] <Chinthaka> pzf : when we say that, that implies that we have considered
the schema
[10/6/2004 8:57 AM] <alek_logging> looking on
[10/6/2004 8:58 AM] <alek_logging> suggests that during canonicalization CDATA sections
are removed
[10/6/2004 8:58 AM] <pzf> chinthaka: I see.... the only benefit of the pre-numbered
approach is direct 
access to anywhere in the tree... I see this is a different design point
[10/6/2004 8:58 AM] <pzf> on the linked list approach, I guess that is almost directly
the same as XBIS 
and cbXML binary encodings of XML
[10/6/2004 8:58 AM] <Chinthaka> pzf : I didn't get the last part of what u said :(
[10/6/2004 8:59 AM] <Chinthaka> pzf : do we need the direct access to somepoint ?
[10/6/2004 8:59 AM] <pzf> the numbered/schema object model is about trying to allow
me to directly 
access say envelope/body/quote/symbol[3]
[10/6/2004 8:59 AM] <pzf> (xpath)
[10/6/2004 9:00 AM] <pzf> but it requires the schema to be preprocessed
[10/6/2004 9:00 AM] <Chinthaka> xpath will be used when u use security, am I correct
[10/6/2004 9:00 AM] <pzf> this model doesn't give that but only an efficient representation
of th tree
[10/6/2004 9:00 AM] <Srinath> alek_logging: where that we leve with that
[10/6/2004 9:00 AM] <sanjiva> btw guys pzf = Paul Fremantle .. in case he didn't say
[10/6/2004 9:00 AM] <alek_logging> leave? with what?
[10/6/2004 9:01 AM] <Chinthaka> we are making this model efficient for sequential access
[10/6/2004 9:01 AM] <Srinath> what happen to xmlinfoset discussion
[10/6/2004 9:01 AM] <Srinath> :)
[10/6/2004 9:02 AM] <chathura> think we havent try to implement xpath on OM right
[10/6/2004 9:02 AM] <alek_logging> maybe we canmove discussion to mailing list?
[10/6/2004 9:02 AM] <Ajith> hopefully we can extend jaxen to do that
[10/6/2004 9:02 AM] <Chinthaka> alek : if I say , we only need to support elements,
comments, texts, 
attributes, namespace and CDATA
[10/6/2004 9:02 AM] <Chinthaka> am i correct ?
[10/6/2004 9:03 AM] <Chinthaka> I mean for OM
[10/6/2004 9:03 AM] <alek_logging> it is relatively easy to use jaxen to understand
any kind of XM 
tree API
[10/6/2004 9:03 AM] <Srinath> alek_logging: ok let us do it mailing list
[10/6/2004 9:03 AM] <Ajith> i guess waht alek is saying is we can drop CDATA
[10/6/2004 9:03 AM] <Srinath> to new topic
[10/6/2004 9:03 AM] <Ajith> is it?
[10/6/2004 9:03 AM] <alek_logging> i think CDATA is needed only for DOM completeness
and not needed in 
security ...
[10/6/2004 9:04 AM] <Chinthaka> oh, is it ? then its a good thing :)
[10/6/2004 9:04 AM] <sanjiva> so if we don't need cdata that makes it easy .. what about
entity refs 
Alek? Can those be removed?
[10/6/2004 9:04 AM] <Ajith> entity refs not in OM yet I guess
[10/6/2004 9:05 AM] <alek_logging> i think character ii are better modeled as String
and DOM:Text class 
should be used to wrap String whn DOM API is required by some AXIS2 handler
[10/6/2004 9:05 AM] <alek_logging> i do not have definitive answers :) let have this
(and benchmark) 
dicussed in mailing list?
[10/6/2004 9:05 AM] <Chinthaka> we have a OMText class which has a String to handle
[10/6/2004 9:05 AM] <Ajith> ok
[10/6/2004 9:06 AM] <Chinthaka> comments, texts and CDATA
[10/6/2004 9:06 AM] <Chinthaka> ok, then lets do this in a mailing list
[10/6/2004 9:06 AM] <sanjiva> I guess the point is we may be able to do without OMText
and use String 
directly ...
[10/6/2004 9:06 AM] <Chinthaka> and , IMO, I think if we use STaX
[10/6/2004 9:07 AM] <Chinthaka> nextToken and next methods have no definite meanings
[10/6/2004 9:07 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka: i have seen it and i think it is waste
of memory  to 
create wrapper around String if it does nto provide any real functionality and maybe is not
needed ...
[10/6/2004 9:07 AM] <Chinthaka> alek : ok
[10/6/2004 9:07 AM] <alek_logging> definite? meanings?
[10/6/2004 9:08 AM] <Chinthaka> yeah, in XPP there is a difference between next and
next token, right ?
[10/6/2004 9:08 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka: did yo say you posted email with Word
DOC conveted to 
text? i did not think it made it to axis-dev [Axis2]?
[10/6/2004 9:08 AM] <alek_logging> StAX does not have tokens so round trip is not possible
[10/6/2004 9:09 AM] <alek_logging> however for XML Infoset it should not make much of
[10/6/2004 9:09 AM] <Chinthaka> (I was refering to those methods )
[10/6/2004 9:10 AM] <Chinthaka> that email has gone to axis-dev :( :(
[10/6/2004 9:10 AM] <Chinthaka> btw : I need to clarify on that next and nextToken thingy
[10/6/2004 9:10 AM] <alek_logging> it seems it got lost? did you put [Axis2] in subject?
[10/6/2004 9:11 AM] <Chinthaka> yeah
[10/6/2004 9:11 AM] <Chinthaka> I have recd that email, from axis-dev :(
[10/6/2004 9:11 AM] <Deepal> i got the mail with the subject [Axis2]OM Prototype Implementation

Progress html file
[10/6/2004 9:11 AM] <Chinthaka> yeah thats the email
[10/6/2004 9:11 AM] <Srinath> chintakas mail is on the dev
[10/6/2004 9:11 AM] <Srinath> it reach me
[10/6/2004 9:11 AM] <Chinthaka> ok, back to STaX thing
[10/6/2004 9:12 AM] <alek_logging> Chinthaka: if you send patch file gice it .txt or
.diff extension so 
it is easier on Windowze folks that have fear of attachments ...
[10/6/2004 9:13 AM] <Chinthaka> ok
[10/6/2004 9:13 AM] <alek_logging> ok i got thisone but this is not readable in email
client - it 
loooks like cvs diff patch and binary files are mssing anyway ...
[10/6/2004 9:13 AM] <alek_logging> also it uses lot of Micorsoft extra markup making
it unreadable as 
text ...
[10/6/2004 9:14 AM] <alek_logging> example: <p class=MsoNormal 
[10/6/2004 9:14 AM] <alek_logging> none;text-autospace:none'>This extends <span

[10/6/2004 9:14 AM] <Chinthaka> I converted the doc to html using MS word :)
[10/6/2004 9:14 AM] <Chinthaka> forget it, I will mail it again tomorrow
[10/6/2004 9:14 AM] <alek_logging> did you take a look on output?
[10/6/2004 9:15 AM] <Chinthaka> shall we resume the OM discussion
[10/6/2004 9:15 AM] <Chinthaka> yeah, sure
[10/6/2004 9:15 AM] <Chinthaka> I checked and sent :(
[10/6/2004 9:16 AM] <Chinthaka> I need to have some more info about STaX implementation
[10/6/2004 9:16 AM] <Chinthaka> I will post those questions to dev list soon
[10/6/2004 9:17 AM] <Chinthaka> the current OM API, proposed doesn't say anything about
the parser 
being used
[10/6/2004 9:17 AM] <Chinthaka> so one can use xpp, stax or whatever
[10/6/2004 9:18 AM] <alek_logging> let move discussion to mailing list
[10/6/2004 9:19 AM] <alek_logging> i have sent "OM Prototype Implementation Progress.htm"
as email that 
is readable as text ...
[10/6/2004 9:19 AM] <alek_logging> i think OM should allow multiple parsers/OM builders
[10/6/2004 9:20 AM] <alek_logging> so we continue on mailing list?
[10/6/2004 9:20 AM] <Chinthaka> ok
[10/6/2004 9:20 AM] <Ajith> ok
[10/6/2004 9:20 AM] <samisa> Yes please; it is 8.20 pm in SL :)
[10/6/2004 9:20 AM] <sanjiva> Sorry for going missing; on a call too :(
[10/6/2004 9:20 AM] <sanjiva> ok guys let's call it a nite ... thanks

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