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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] OM - SAAJ like API support for OM
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 21:23:06 GMT
Srinath Perera wrote:

>>If we try to wrap OM with this API there is memory foot print problem. As
>>here we are trying to give an API for existing OM. For example if we try
>>access an OMElement as a HeaderElement, we have to make HeaderElement a
>>wrapper of OMElement. One might argue that this is not good for memory
>>footprint. But this will ease the task of OM User. 
>>The second option is to create HeaderElement like objects in the parser
>>level. (Earlier in the parser level we were only creating Objects of
>>OMElements, etc.), But if we try to do this, the performance of the object
>>model construction will degrade due to the String comparisons we have to do
>Why there is string comparsions, I think we decide that we burn the
>SOAP in to OM, then we know in the doucment
>1) outer element is Envelope if not error
>2) check second one is Header/Body
>3) Parse to OM only inside the Header or OM
>So I think we can hav the Header element and build it without much trouble.
>I prefer 2#

i agree. i think SOAP:Body content shoul dbe configurable (asper Sanjiva 
request) to allow acces sis as event stream, OM, DOM, whatnot


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