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From "Montabert, Olivier" <>
Subject Client operation call interrupt - IMPORTANT
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 18:27:00 GMT

I have the following architecture:

Axis client stub  ------  Axis server skeleton

The client calls a synchronous operation on
the server. Let's call this operation getValue.
The server implementation of this getValue 
operation is blocking until a value is available.

This blocking call has to be interrupted in
some situations, like a client application exit.

I see two solutions to stop (interrupt) this 
client operation invocation:
- Set a timeout (different from -1) on the 
client stub. 
But in this case the Server has to detect 
when a client operation call timed-out in 
order to stop its processing and to prevent
a value loss.

- Set an infinite timeout (-1) on the client 
In this case the client must be able to 
interrupt this call.

Thanks for your help !


Olivier Montabert

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