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From "Deepal Jayasinghe" <>
Subject [Axis2] Chat log 25-05-2005
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 03:18:03 GMT
Hi all;
This the chat log of 25-05-05 , we discuss about M2 release stuff 

[18:00] *** saminda joined #apache-axis
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[18:01]<Chamil> hi all
[18:01]<Srinath> hi all
[18:01]<Harshap> hi all
[18:02]<Ajith> Hi guys
[18:02]<Jaliya> HI All
[18:02]<Deepal> hi all
[18:02] *** saminda joined #apache-axis
[18:05] *** Gayan joined #apache-axis
[18:06]<FR^2> hi all ;-)
[18:06]<saminda> hi all
[18:07]<Ajith> what are we gonna talk today ?
[18:07]<Ajith> should we discuss the featues for the upcoming M2?
[18:07]<Deepal> great
[18:07]<Deepal> we should talk about that
[18:08]<Srinath> Hi Paul :) .. FR2 is Paul right?
[18:08]<Ajith> or are there any technical probs to be solved ?
[18:09]<Srinath> operations inside modules .. how about that?
[18:10]<Jaliya> That is a good topic
[18:10]<Jaliya> Shall we discuss how we going to do that
[18:10]<Deepal> I did not get you jaliya
[18:11]<Deepal> what did u mean by operations inside modules
[18:11]<Ajith> is this the thing where we try to put operations inside the module
[18:11]<Ajith> i mean module.xml
[18:11]<Ajith> ?
[18:11]<Srinath> Modules need to have the enpoints associated with them
[18:11]<Ajith> ?
[18:12]<Srinath> the endpoints or operations
[18:12]<Deepal> u mean module need to creat opeartions 
[18:12]<Srinath> we need those operations to be added to any service that engage the
[18:13]<Srinath> e.g. create sequance
[18:13]<Jaliya> Yes, when we need to allow some messages to be sent to a service but
not intended for the business logic
[18:13]<Srinath> exactly
[18:13]<Jaliya> example CreateSequence message in RM, RequestSecurityToken in WSSC
[18:13]<Deepal> oh got it thanks
[18:13]<FR^2> Srinath: Nope... I'm frank-ralph, java developer using apache axis 
[18:14]<Srinath> yes Frank sorry .. I
[18:14]<Srinath> :)
[18:15]<Ajith> ok so when the module is engaged these services need to be deployed ??
[18:15]<Jaliya> So these messages are sent to the same service, yet these operations
may not need do be implemented by the service itself
[18:16]<Deepal> jaliya : you are talking somthing about when some one engage module
like RM
[18:16]<Jaliya> They can be handled by the moduels
[18:16]<Srinath> yes
[18:16]<Deepal> ito s service module wants to add opeartion to service ?
[18:17]<Jaliya> Yes, that is it, When some one engage RM Module, then if we can add
some operations to the service which handle those special messages,
[18:19]<Jaliya> This way we can come up with common architecture for all this kind of
messages in most of the WS-* Specs
[18:20]<Deepal> if that is the case we shoud provide that capability to axis2 services
[18:21]<Deepal> any way you can do that ServiceDescription.addOperation(OperationDescription
[18:22]<Jaliya> Yes, but that is at the code level, how about doing it in the deployment
[18:22]<Deepal> through module.xml ?
[18:22]<Deepal> yup it is posible too
[18:23]<Deepal> when some one engage module to a service at that time can creat the
reuired operation and added that to the service
[18:24]<Jaliya> yes if possible that is easy for a module to add thoes operatoins
[18:24]<Deepal> as far as I am concorn I can do that :)
[18:25]<Deepal> if all agree to that
[18:25]<Jaliya> ok, then, that solves one porb for us when implementing RM On axis 2
[18:25]<Jaliya> probably WS-SC will also use it
[18:35] *** Harshap quit FreeNode : 
[18:36]<Deepal> BTW is this going to be in M2 
[18:37] *** Harshap joined #apache-axis
[18:37]<Deepal> Hi Harsha 
[18:37]<Harshap> Hi Deepal
[18:40]<Jaliya> I don't think it is a requirement for M2
[18:40]<Deepal> we were talking about what are going to be in M2
[18:41]<Deepal> in addition to moduel requirment what else we need to discuss
[18:41]<Deepal> feel like few ppl are talking :(
[18:59]<Harshap> All, it was nice listening to the chat. I am going to log off. Good
[18:59] *** Harshap quit FreeNode : 
[19:01]<Deepal> good night , BTW all were silent :)
[19:04]<Chamil> good night :)
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[19:34]<saminda> bye all
[19:35] *** saminda left #apache-axis : 

Thanks and regards
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