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From Ani Marius <>
Subject Re: Providers and Handlers
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 06:43:12 GMT
Hi and thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, this is what I need for my diploma
(some sort of ws orchestration):
I have a xml file containing some rules for the
orchestration of the web services, and this file
defines the behaviour of a new web service. Let's say
I have a file named math.jfl (this is the extension
for my xml files defining the flow). This file, along
with the math.wsdl will define a new web service
called math. What I need is the client to not manualy
deploy this ws, but when it calls a method of this ws
(let's say "add(int, int)"), my handler will check if
the ws is deployed, and if not, it will deploy it and
call its method "add". I did some part of this, but
the request to this service must be handled by my
custom provider, named "JWSFL". Also, when I deploy
(from my code) the math service I set
The wsdl and "flow" files don't have to be in the
classpath, but in my standard directory, and my
program will scan for them. Basically, I don't jave
any java files or class files needed for my custom web
Thanks and I wait for your reply.
--- Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> Why do you need to deploy it dynamically? It has to
> be in the
> classpath already, and if it is then Axis
> auto-deploys it. Isn't that
> good enough?
> Paul
> On 5/11/05, Ani Marius <> wrote:
> > Hi!
> > I have one urgent question :
> > I have my custom provider, and I want to do the
> > following: if I receive a request for a Web
> Service
> > that is not yet deployed, I would automatically
> deploy
> > it (there is the bussines for deploying a web
> service)
> > and to set the provider of the ws to my
> provider...I
> > tried adding a Handler in the Transport Request
> (which
> > verifies if the service is deployed, and if not it
> > deploys it) but this didn't solve my problem
> entirely.
> > Please help me!!!
> > Thanks.
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