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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject ANNOUNCE : Axis 1.2 RELEASE
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 04:19:42 GMT
Hi folks:

After *much* too long, the Axis team would like to announce the release 
of Axis 1.2 final.  You can get it at:  (if your favorite 
mirror doesn't have it yet try another, it's propagating now)

A few words about this release -

* A LOT of things have been cleaned up/fixed since 1.1, but 1.2 is not 
yet a perfect beast.  We know there are still issues that, although they 
didn't block this release, are important to our user base.  We will be 
working to resolve these in the near term, which brings us to...

* This took way too much time.  We will (for the remainder of Axis 1.X's 
lifetime and hopefully all of Axis 2.0's...) be focusing much more 
aggressively on the "release early and often" mantra.  Expect to see 
more fixes and more official releases near term.

* Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted bug reports, patches, and 
(especially) good, concise test cases.  Without your help we wouldn't 
have been able to make half the progress we did.

* As always, please send questions/comments to, 
and development-related issues to  Issues may be 
checked and filed at

Onwards to 1.Next...

   on behalf of the Axis team

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