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From "David D. Lucas" <>
Subject Re: WebSphere 5.1 does not run Web Applications running Axis SOAP Engine
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 08:12:28 GMT
One problem you might be running into is the CLASSLOADER.
On the war file settings inside the admin console, make sure you have 
PARENT_LAST set.  This will allow the CLASSLOADER to use your packaged 
jars first on the CLASSPATH before the PARENT jar files.  This might 
avoid any issues that could occur when the PARENT comes first and has 
conflicting classes.

Best Wishes,

Russell Butek wrote:
> This is the wrong forum for WebSphere questions, but to stop it right here
> I'll answer.  You CAN run web apps containing AXIS inside WebSphere.  We
> have many customers that do this.  If you're writing AXIS-dependent code,
> you can still deploy it inside WebSphere as long as you deploy AXIS along
> with it.
> If you've found some issues with this, describe them to me offline.
> Russell Butek
> Web services consultant
> IBM  Software Services for WebSphere
> 512 940 8592
> "Tysnes Are Thobias" <> wrote on 05/04/2005 03:54:17 AM:
>>We are running WebSphere Application Servers in production and are
>>on deploying a Web Application (Web Services, Axis 1.2 and Castor).
>>There are some issues deploying Web Applications containing Axis in
>>because IBM is using a "home-made" version of Axis inside WebSphere.
>>I did contact IBM support and they can tell me that it is not possible
>>run Web Applications containg Axis on WebSphere 5.1.
>>Can anyone confirm this !? Do we realy have to change our Application
>>because we decided to use Axis as SOAP Engine !?
>>Are T. Tysnes


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