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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject [Axis2][VOTE]Proposal for Axis2 M2
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 05:08:33 GMT
Hi All;
Axis2 had lot of progress lately and most of the
changes decided in the Axis2 F2F has Incorporated,
I think now it is good time to move on.

I like to purpose a M2 release on July 7 th, following is the purposed
improvements to the M2 from M1.

1) implementing the Contexts - laying out a hierarchy to handle the information
2) implementing the Module Architecture
3) implementing the support for real Async that happens over the two
channel, this complete the support for MEPs
       In-Only MEP
               * Sync/ One Channel
               * Async/One Channel
               * Sync/ two Channel
               * Async/two Channel
4) Client API support for #3
5) WSDL code generation without data binding
6) implementing the Addressing Module
7) TCP/HTTP transport support (we might be able to get the SMTP up as well)
8) REST Support
9) MTOM Support
10) Admin Web App
11) WSDL2WS, eclipe Plugin/Command line version
12) Service Archive Wizard
13) Module Archive Wizard
14) Samples

Here is My +1


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