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Subject cvs commit: ws-axis/c unitTest.xml
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 16:39:20 GMT
hawkeye     2005/06/14 09:39:20

  Added:       c        unitTest.xml
  Creation of unit test system
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  ws-axis/c/unitTest.xml
  Index: unitTest.xml
  <project name="unitTest" default="runUnitTests">
  	<import file="./test.xml"/>
  	<target name="runUnitTests">
  		<antcall target="unitTestClient">
  			<param name="unit.test.list" value="${basedir}/tests/auto_build/testcases/unitTest.list"/>
  	<target name="unitTestClient">
  			This target calls the fv suite as usual except for the fact that unit test flags
  				and properties are switched on.
  			This means that the client is being used against a fake server and the unitTest.list
file is used
  				instead of any *test.list* property set by the user
  		<!-- ********************************************************************************************
  		<!-- In order to run the system in mockserver (unittest) mode we have to override some
properties -->
  		<!-- override the test.list if it's already been set -->
  		<!-- replace all of test.list's backslashes slashes as this ruins the proper regex
  		<propertyregex property="test.list" override="true" input="${test.list}" regexp="\\"
  		<propertyregex property="test.list" override="true" input="${test.list}" regexp=".*"
  		<!-- have to replace all the single backslashes in unit.test.list so that the replace
works OK -->
  		<propertyregex property="unit.test.list" override="true" input="${unit.test.list}"
regexp="\\" replace="/"/>
  		<propertyregex property="test.list" override="true" input="${test.list}" regexp=".*"
replace="${unit.test.list}" defaultValue="${unit.test.list}"/>
  		<!-- ********************************************************************************************
  		<!-- replace any previously set up mockserver with value true -->
  		<propertyregex property="mockServer" override="true" input="${mockServer}" regexp="false"
replace="true" defaultValue="true"/>
  <echo message="mockServer = ${mockServer}"/>
  		<!-- now call the fv suite as usual -->
  		<antcall target="testSuite" inheritall="true"/>

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