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From Saurabh Sharma <>
Subject Query regarding custom defined types
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2005 09:42:56 GMT
Hey there again to give all of u sleepless nights, hopefully 

Was wondering if it's necessary to write one's own custome deployment 
.wsdd file in order to deploy a web service and its invocation, for custom 
defined data types and their arrays??

I just can't successfully invoke a web-service (althugh the deployment is 
no problem at all!), with a web service using a custom-defined data type 
as a return type, and this is really unnerving me now! So, is it 
indispensable to define the type mappings in the wsdd file, or not? Or can 
I rather, rely upon axis to handle the same during the deployment phase?

Also, are the serializer and de-serializer required to be custom-defined 
rather than using the axis default ones?

All help is badly needed, yall!!

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