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From Thilina Gunarathne <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Re: Dependency on JavaMail
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 13:23:07 GMT
It can also be due to MTOM support. For the moment the mtom source files in 
the build uses Gerenimo Java Mail & Activation implementations. But those 
implementations seems not complete yet. So to have MTOM support we need to 
have Sun javamail packages. In that case we'll be giving the option for the 
user to build axis2 without MTOM support using Gerenimo implementation. Only 
if the user wants MTOM and need to check the test cases, then they can drop 
the sun mail & activation jars to their local maven repository.
 Unfortunately it seems we won't be able to ship MTOM support with Axis2 M2 
due to some problems in the transport layers. Currently transport layer use & Writer to write out the stuff. But Readers & Writers will 
not support writing Binary data to the streams. Because of that MTOM 
implementation needs them as InputStreams & OutputStreams ( which i earlier 
assumed to be there since we knew MTOM is coming) 
 I tried to fix the streams stuff, but still some test cases fail. :(( 
It seems I need some support from the transport guys to get the stuff fixed. 

 Thanks & Regards,

 On 6/3/05, Deepal Jayasinghe <> wrote: 
> hi ;
> The reason behind JavaMail is Axis2 M2 is going to support SMTP , in that
> case it is requird to have those lib files.
> Thanks and regards.
> Deepal
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> From: "Paul Fremantle" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Friday, June 03, 2005 4:07 PM
> Subject: Dependency on JavaMail
> Folks
> Why does Axis2 seem to have a hard dependency on JavaMail? The need
> for loads of dependent JARS for things I never used was one of the
> issues I've had with Axis1. Can we make this more pluggable?
> Paul


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