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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]Data binding API?
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 06:52:53 GMT
Hi Ajith,

Sounds great on the data binding support! I'll check it out within the 
next couple of weeks. JiBX currently uses XMLPull for input, but I can 
probably implement a simple wrapper for converting between the Axis StAX 
parser and an XMLPull API. Are you listening, Alek - any comments? The 
output may be a little tougher, since that's oriented toward writing 
directly to a stream through a custom interface; it may require some 
post-1.0 tweaks to JiBX, but shouldn't present any major problems.

  - Dennis

Ajith Ranabahu wrote:

>Hello Dennis,
> The internals of the Databinding framework are as follows
> 1. We have something called extensions that run before the actual
>code generator. For XMLBeans we have an extension that takes the
>Schema element from the WSDL file and feeds it into the XB schema
>parser. The logic of XB is completely inside the XB extension. After
>the XB code generation, a type mapper is populated with the generated
>types and passed on to the Axis2 code generator.
> 2. The generated classes include something called the
>DataBindSupporter. DataBindSupporter has 'toOM' and 'FromOM' methods
>which accept either a generated object and or the omelement
>respectively and does the necessary conversion. The databinding logic
>is completely inside the databinding supporters.
> So as you can see the codegenerator is completely based on the
>strategy of passing a schema element and getting the type map. You can
>customize it with minimum effort. In particular have a look at the
> class in the
>org.apache.axis2.wsdl.codegen.extension package
>As for the MTOM support we have not yet thought about it seriously (I
>mean how it affects code generation :)). Since MTOM is solely a
>transport time thingy (no description of it in the XSD or the WSDL) we
>were thinking of a user switch in the tool that will generate a
>slightly different bunch of code which optimizes the output.
>On 7/14/05, Dennis Sosnoski <> wrote:
>>I recently made some changes (going into JiBX RC1) to support using JiBX
>>with SOAP. These are primarily designed around what I've found was
>>necessary for JibxSoap, but I'm also planning to hook into Axis2 and the
>>same requirements are likely to apply there. I know the 0.9 version has
>>XmlBeans support in place - has anything been done yet to define a
>>general-purpose API usable with other data binding frameworks? I'm
>>interested both in runtime support and code generation (so that there's
>>a way for Axis to pass off a schema subset to be handled by the data
>>binding framework, along with any appropriate customization parameters
>>for the data binding code generation, and get back some sort of map from
>>types to classes).
>>I'm also curious if anyone has considered how MTOM is going to work in
>>combination with data binding. It seems like there'll have to be some
>>way for the data binding framework to pass back information about the
>>blobs to be sent as attachments, and to access the attachments when
>>unmarshalling. In the case of JiBX I'm planning to add that in 1.1 with
>>an internal API that allows JiBX to communicate with whatever runs the
>>transport, then supply separate implementations of the transport
>>interface for different usages (JibxSoap, Axis2, etc.). That aspect of
>>MTOM has always seemed a bad smell to me, but since The Powers That Be
>>(AKA the W3C) have decided it's the wave of the future I'll do my best
>>to work with it.
>>  - Dennis

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