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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: WSDL with attachments
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 14:37:10 GMT
Just to clarify:

WS-I Attachment Profile 1.0 describes how to send attachments with
SOAP 1.1 messages  based on the SOAP with Attachments (SwA)
specification using MIME packaging. WS-I endorsed SwA because it is
more broadly implemented than any other attachment mechanism. Keep in
mind that SwA is not a "standard". It has not been ratified by a
standards group. The specification also does not define a WSDL
extension, therefore there was no specification for how to define
attachments in WSDL until WS-I defined the profile. Adoption of the
WS-I Attachments profile has been somewhat slow.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not and will not support SwA, therefore
Microsoft does not and will not support the WS-I Attachment Profile
1.0. (SwA has some inherent security vulnerabilities, so I understand
Microsoft's position on this point.) Microsoft WSE 2.0 supports
attachments in SOAP 1.1 using WS-Attachments and DIME packaging.
(WS-attachments is also not a "standard".) WSE 3.0 supports SOAP 1.1
attachments using WS-Attachments/DIME and SOAP 1.2 attachments using

Unlike SwA and WS-Attachments, MTOM is a standard -- it is a W3C
Recommendation. But MTOM is specified to work with SOAP 1.2. That
kinda leaves us at an impasse for SOAP 1.1 attachments. As I said at
the beginning of this thread, my recommendation is "don't use


On 7/26/05, Steve Loughran <> wrote:
> Tony Opatha wrote:
> >     I agree SOAP with (MIME) Attachment is probably more interoperable
> >     than DIME.
> >
> >     However, keep in mind that WS-I BP 1.1 has a SOAP Attachment Profile 1.0
> >     finalized since last year.
> >
> >     I believe currently WS-BP 1.1 is being supported by some commercial
> >     SOAP vendors with SOAP Attachment Profile 1.0.
> >
> >     However, AXIS does not support WS-BP 1.1 nor does it support SOAP
> >     Attachment Profile; this support will be available in AXIS 2.0.
> >
> >     On the other hand, in gSOAP there seem to be some support for WS-BP 1.1.
> >
> >     I think it was a mistake for AXIS 1.2 not to have support for WS BP 1.1.
> >
> >     AXIS 2 may be months (or who knows may be more than a year) from
> >     being released as final release, and having such support AXIS 1.x
> >     would have
> >     been a great opportunity towards interoperable web services.
> >
> >
> Tony,
> Remember that Axis is a community project. You are free to add missing
> features, and contribute them back. without such contributions, yes,
> Axis will lack things you need.
> On an unrelated note, I WS BP1.1 is not a cure for interop problems. It
> avoided taking any stance on which subset of XSD to use, and by
> mandating how to do attachments (MTOM) that was not in any
> implementation, rendered it impossible for full compliance to be possible.
> -stefve

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